Territorial Armory of Caid

A Note on Territorial Armory

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Territorial armory should only be used (worn, flown, or otherwise displayed) by the Heads of State for that territory, or Their herald when acting in the capacity in that role. If you are planning to create an item using the Territorial armory, please understand that it become part of the Royal Regalia and must be passed on to the each subsequent Heads of State in perpetuity. For the artwork included on this page, all Territorial armory is displayed on an escutcheon (shield shape) and can be recognized by containing a Laurel Wreath.

Populace badges can be used (worn, flown, or otherwise displayed) by ANYONE claiming membership to said territory. These can be included for items of largesse for use by anyone. For the artwork provided on this page, all Populace Badges are displayed on a delf (square shape). Not all territories have a Populace Badge registered. Only those territories that have registered/designated a populace badge have been included.

If you require a different file format than included, please contact the proprietor. Other formats are available.

A Note on the Differences Between Arms and Badges

“This is Me” – Arms or armory are used to designate the person.

“This is Mine” – Badges are used to designate an association – this could be part of a territorial group, on Order, a household, a war band, and the like, or a means of marking one’s possessions.

All artwork is free to use with accreditation to the artist – Thegn Cormac Mór, O.P.

Kingdom of Caid: Azure, a crown within a laurel wreath Or, between three crescents within a bordure embattled argent.

Badge: Azure, a Cross of Caid argent, or (Fieldess) a Cross of Caid argent

Al-Sahid: Per chevron rayonny azure and Or, two laurel wreaths argent and a scorpion sable.

Badge: Azure, a scorpion fesswise reversed Or.

Altavia: Argent, a fret sable and on a chief vert a laurel wreath argent.

Badge: Argent, a fret sable and a chief vert.

Angels: Gules, a standing seraph affronty proper, winged Or, haloed of a laurel wreath proper.

Badge: (Fieldless) A set of seraph’s wings Or.

Calafia: Azure, a sea serpent ondoyant-emergent sable, fimbriated Or, overall a trident with a laurel wreath entwined in its tines Or.

Badge: Azure, a sea serpent ondoyant-emergent sable fimbriated and overall a trident Or.

Carreg Wen: Argent, in bend two crosses couped purpure, overall a laurel wreath vert.

Badge: None registered.

Darach: Argent, on a bend between an oak tree and in pale an oak leaf fesswise reversed embowed conjoined to an acorn sable, a laurel wreath palewise argent.

Badge: Argent, in pale an oak leaf fesswise reversed embowed conjoined to an acorn sable, a bordure nebuly azure. (Registered, not designated – Not pictured)

Dreiburgen: Argent, three piles azure issuant from base, on each a tower argent with portcullis open, in chief a laurel wreath counterchanged.

Badge: Argent, on a pile inverted throughout azure a tower argent, within a bordure embattled azure.

Dun Or: Per pale azure and Or, a tower within a laurel wreath, a bordure counterchanged.

Badge: (Fieldless) A tower per pale Or and azure. (Registered, not designated – Not pictured)

Gyldenholt: Azure, three trees conjoined in fess Or, surmounted on the foliage by a laurel wreath vert, within a bordure Or.

Badge: (Fieldless) On a hurst Or, four crescents conjoined in saltire, horns outward, azure.

Isles: Barry wavy argent and azure, a tower within a laurel wreath gules.

Badge: (Fieldless) A tower gules. (Registered, not designated)

Lyondemere: Argent, a fish-tailed demi-lion hauriant grasping in its dexter paw a laurel wreath proper, within the laurel wreath a crescent voided; a base engrailed azure.

Badge: (Fieldless) An escallop Or.

Naevehjem: Quarterly argent, ermined gules, and sable, in bend sinister two annulets Or, overall a laurel wreath vert.

Badge: Argent, an ermine spot gules on a chief sable two annulets Or.

Nordwache: Azure, a phoenix rising from a base of flames, on a chief Or two laurel wreaths proper.

Badge: (Fieldless) In pale a phoenix Or rising from a tower azure.

Starkhafn: Per bend sable and checky argent and azure, in sinister chief a flame of fire proper within a laurel wreath argent.

Badge: (Fieldless) A six-sided coffin palewise sable charged in chief with a mullet of eight points argent. (Registered association of “fighters”. This is also extended for use by any who support fighters. As most members of the populace support fighters directly, or indirectly, this has in large become used as the Populace Badge)

Western Seas: Or, a wa’a outrigger, sail to dexter, sable within a laurel wreath vert within a bordure engrailed azure.

Badge: (Fieldless) A wa’a outrigger, sail to dexter, sable within and conjoined to an annulet azure.

Wintermist: Gules, a laurel wreath Or, on a chief invected argent three snowflakes gules.

Badge: (Fieldless) A snowflake gules.

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