Territorial Armory of Caid

A Note on Territorial Armory

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Territorial armory should only be used (worn, flown, or otherwise displayed) by the Heads of State for that territory, or Their herald when acting in the capacity in that role. If you are planning to create an item using the Territorial armory, please understand that it become part of the Royal Regalia and must be passed on to the each subsequent Heads of State in perpetuity. For the artwork included on this page, all Territorial armory is displayed on an escutcheon (shield shape) and can be recognized by containing a Laurel Wreath.

Populace badges can be used (worn, flown, or otherwise displayed) by ANYONE claiming membership to said territory. These can be included for items of largesse for use by anyone. For the artwork provided on this page, all Populace Badges are displayed on a delf (square shape). Not all territories have a Populace Badge registered. Only those territories that have registered/designated a populace badge have been included.

If you require a different file format than included, please contact the proprietor. Other formats are available.

A Note on the Differences Between Arms and Badges

“This is Me” – Arms or armory are used to designate the person.

“This is Mine” – Badges are used to designate an association – this could be part of a territorial group, on Order, a household, a war band, and the like, or a means of marking one’s possessions.

All artwork is free to use with accreditation to the artist – Thegn Cormac Mór, O.P.

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